Citizen Smith

Last night Dorothy, Ben and I went to a newly opened Restaurant carrying the prestigous name “Citizen Smith” in Western Hollywood.
Located on the southern end of the Cahuenga Strip, this avant-garde eatery serves up modern American cuisine in an ornate, loft-inspired environment. Designed by Thomas Schoos (who also did the remarkable “Koi”), the space sends up bourgouise glamour with a central dining room of custom-made furnishings flanked by oversized booths. The restaurant includes a spacious patio sanctuary, ideal for smokers, and a more intimate back bar. The menu includes both delicious American Basics such as Angus Steaks and lighy Mediterrenian Styled Mozarella/Tomato Creations for adequate prices (Main Dishes from 10 – 17 $)

1602 N. Cahuenga Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028