A new plattform called DesignKlicks tries to find a new approach to aesthetic in a really outstanding user interface which allows you to virtually look trough hundreds of photographs, industrial design pieces, contemporary artworks and pictures of various installations.
Everything started out in 2005 during a german conference, whereas a new “cosmos of values” has been tried to establish. This referrs to a postmodern phenomenon which we all know well. Media sumbliminaly influences the public by the way they publish or not publish certain issues. Interessting yet not covered worldwide issues are being overseen by internationlly organzied mediacompanies and thus people start writing blogs, start independet websites to gather underground information and simply try to create their own environment for information. People start creating online encyclopedias, because they apparently have a lack of information sourcesc – of high quality information sources. Wikipedia, the success of Blogging and the worldwide rise of Boards and Communities shows that people are more and more organizing themselves, instead of being fed by outposts.

Copyright by Pedro Mayer

Regarding the above mentioned the people at Trendbüro first created the website in order to avoid a singularity-controlled system of ranking of art and it’s affiliations. The idea was to circumvent the current way of web publishing and biased and untrustworthy (does this word exist?) information processing by media companies.
After being published in 2005 it still remains as an extremely creative yet totally different portal, controlled by the people submitting and judging the content of the website, namely “the new approach to aesthetics in a cosmos of values”.

The website is semiotically structured and you can navigate through virtual clouds of terms and assosciations. It is really highly impressive to me and I love surfing diverse Works in a 3D environment. All Works are arranged around the central terms “Lust – Controll – Harmony – Conflict” and are organized within those 4 poles.
Through a percentage Scale based on the majority of clicks and photoprevalence on the website you can actually tell in which mood the people visiting the website are.

The entire service is free of charge and is sponosred and developed by “Trendbüro” and “Der Spiegel“.