help, i need help.

There is only a scarce amount of things on this planet who hadn’t been influenced by design. By people who care about how things look and furthermore who think that this also influences the product, gadget, etc. itself. However, there are still things which are ugly.

New York City based Richard Fine probably had the same thought. Fine is the brain behind Help Remedies, an innovative approach to pharmaceuticals. Nowadays medication is packed with “extra strong”, “get 2 for one” lines and going into a drug store, at least regarding US stores, is somehow like going into some grungdy looking cabinet somewhere in between bud light and flickering neon lights.

Fine is about to change this misere and I am fully with him. 

help remediesHelp Remedies is producing pharmaceuticals we all need on a daily basis. Headache? Cut yourself? Have a partiality for design? Then you might want to get one of these, for just 6$ per Package.

The Medication initially will be sold via and will then also be available in design hotels and special stores on the east and west coast.The guys over at CoolHunter found this product as promising as I do and even got some special pics from unpacking this extraordinary piece of design and manufacturing. Have a Look!