Help Remedies enlarges pill portfolio

The nice people over at Help Remedies recently added a plethora of new drugs to their portfolio. When I first came across their products in 2008 I was impressed by the beauty of packaging design, especially in the realm of dead-ugly packages in the US pharmaceutical market. Help Remedies’ smart move is to get rid off all the “extra strenghts” in Helvetica ultra bold, but make it a nice experience to taking medication.


As an MD i miss seeing more of these in a professional-medical environment. Apart from being beautiful, packaging has another – not much talked about – functionality: Allowing physicians to distinguish between meds. There’s not a small amount of cases where Doctors or nurses misinterpret medication and patients get treated with the wrong drug, just because each pharmaceutical company spends a lot of money on how the packages should look like and how to make them “attractive” to doctors.

However, New York based Help remedies, is not intended to be on stock at hospitals (as far as I know) but their business model is a blend of distributing them to design hotels, online shop and B2B collaborations with various companies. I really like that idea and hope to hear from of them in future.

Also, have a closer look of those beautiful and indeed helpful pieces of medicine + art at PSFK