How to Download Movie Trailers from

It’s not a secret that I am kind of addicted to movie trailers. In my opinion it’s an art itself to produce, cut and spread Movie trailers. Especially when the movie sucks but trailer looks gorgeous which is the case rather often.

Eventually I found a way on how to download those slick Movie Trailers from (even in HD) with a little work around

  1. Go to the Movie Trailers’ Website, i.e. Moon (which is a great!)
  2. Right-click or click on the “View” Tab in your browser and look at the “Source Code” of the site
  3. Now look for the Trailer file you want to download (Either HD or Normal and the size, 720p, etc.)
  4. I’ve chosen the 720p HD Version of the Trailer Moon, which looks like that:
  5. Now add a little Magic by adding the letter “h” in front of the Movies size; In this case it should look like this:
  6. Put that File in your Download Manager of Choice (Speed Downloader, iGetter, etc.) and that’s it
  7. Enjoy the trailer over and over and over…

Hope it helps some other trailer geeks out there.