The best Real Time News Service?!

With the rise of twitter and various aggregators out there I thought it’s time to round up various services that try to build real time news services. You don’t have to be a seasoned media philosopher or journalist to see that both companies and people are shifting to some sort of a more real time and relevant news service. I am particularly interested in this topic since I co-founded a startup called – a real time news magazine from real people. Why real people? Because the service fetches data sources such as twitter and mashes them up with google search trends and others. This data basically comes from actual people. Not from biased journalists but a plethora of billions of opinions generating a sustainable news source.

Now let’s get to business:

ALL140 (


As mentioned above I am working on this project and we aim to make the one-stop-shop for real time news. Design sucks I know, but quality is what counts.


Currently in everbody’s mouth and hyping it’s way through TechCrunch and the likes. The idea is simple and takes DIGG to another real-time-level, however it’s only based upon twitter.



You can already guess what it’s all about. A so-called Meme aggregating and semantically interpreting Tech News around the world. Not sure if twitter is involved as a source though.



Beautifully designed layout, yet it lacks categories. Overall very well done and useful for research.



A location specific Site aggregating twitter content corresponding to the location.

Conclusion: Flackr seems to be really good in terms of usability, however I am rather unsure how they plan to drive traffic to their site. TechMeme almost seems oldschool compared to the uber-realtime services and all140 is good but as soon as we have a better design it will be better.