The Bridge

the infamous golden gate bridge in san francisco is carrying loads of adjectives. Caltech neuroscientist christof koch describes it “together with the Boeing B-747 Jumbo Jet, the Apple Macintosh and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco” as “the most beautiful and elegant artifact of the 20th century“, others congeal due to its beauty and size.

other than that it bears a sad record as well. the golden gate bridge is the place where most of the people comitted suicide. people from all over the world who plan to end their lives at an earlier stage travel to san francisco in order to end it at the golden gate bridge.

now an independent movie, produced by first stripe productions, named “the bridge” hits the US movie theaters in late october. It’s a documentary about 24 people, all willed to end their lives by jumping off the bridge in the fall of 2004, besides somehow connected by various circumstances.

the teaser calls “the bridge” a movie that “offers glimpses into the darkest, and possibly most impenetrable corners of the human mind“.

the official teaser trailer