westphal’s nucleus and personal sensing

There are times when I get really really enthusiastic about things. As today.

When I was at the hairdresser to get my hair done I skipped through some magazine. Then I came across about a Guy named Christoph Westphal. A german-american Citizen who graduated from Columbia University and thereafter receiving an MD and PhD at Harvard Medical School saying that “one thing I regret is being in School too long” I somehow admire. Being 33 years old he started five Companies within 4 years. All of them are successful although all of them deal with the adventurous field of Biotechnology.

In the Interview he stated his approach to Business. He claimed that he skipps through the impactful journals once a day: Nature, Science, Cell. Name them…Then he e-mails the guys who did all the Research and after seveal E-mails more, some more months it comes down to 3-4 Talks in his favorite Boston Bar.

After his Time at Harvard he started working for McKinsey for 2 years and while saying this he almost falls asleep. One thing he learned their was how Business People thing, nothing more. Then he went one. Beginning with Momenta Pharmaceuticals he started off and went on…and kept on going.

Currently he serves the Chief of the Advisory Board of a large Boston Based Venture Capital company (which he knows best from his time at Polaris Ventures) and acts as a CEO and Founder of Sirtris Pharmaceuticals. Whose name derives from a protein group called Sirtuines, which showed in various studies, mainly by David Sinclair, to enhance Life Expectany in Yeast and Rodent. Westphal claims that when he first read about that Sirtuines are able to elongate Life substantially he thought that “Google might become really really small” what this is all about.

I am thrilled to know what we are going to hear about Mr. Westphal. Being 33 years of Age I am sure there is a lot more to come.  And I personally think that I should dedicate my life to eather cancer research, Gerontology research, Astrophysics or something similliarly crucial…?!