Getting From Zero to One

Peter Thiel - From Zero to One

Peter Thiel is all around the media currently due to his newly released book Zero to One: Notes on Start Ups, or How to Build the Future. The book is based on a Computer Science class he taught at Stanford and the notes one of the students, Blake Masters, took while the class.

The title comes from an example Thiel frequently quotes. Globalization, he argues, is creating copies of “1”. Innovation gets you from “0” to “1”. Making typewriters available across the globe is a form of globalization, however developing a computer from the typewriter  (or the car instead of the horse) marks the jump vom “0” to “1”.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee


As you may deduct from the title, this TV Series by Jerry Seinfeld is all about getting a cup of coffee with comedians. And since Seinfeld has a notoriously good taste of humor his guests are exquisitely selected. It comes in small doses of pleasant laughter and grinning. Some are more funny than others, some are less sarcastic than others. None of them are overly funny but they are all perfectly timed and a joy to watch. Obviously getting a cup of coffee with Larry David is as good as it gets. Being on a boat with Louis C.K. is also priceless.

I also believe this captures the spirit of New York City very well.

Running In Between Two Subway Stations

Actually it surprises me that this has not been done before. A guy in London tries running from station A to station B instead of taking the tube.


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Learn How To Use The Pen Tool In Photoshop

If you’ve ever worked with Photoshop there is a chance you tried using the Pen Tool, which allows you to draw – if you are able to. It is notoriously difficult to use. Now you can learn using the Pen Tool through the so-called “Bézier Game – A game to help you master the pen tool“. I still do not master the pen tool though.


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First Official Interstellar Poster

An Old & Excellent Jean Paul Gaultier Commercial

The video quality is lousy considering the mesmerizing and simple beauty of that spot. Perfect bodies in a perfect setting. Strings attached.

The Best Letter To The Editor Ever Written

Probably the best and most entertaining Letter to the Editor ever written. An avid reader of The Economist informs the newspaper of the disappearance of his Hemorrhoids since “foolishly failing to renew” his subscription.

The Economist Letter to the Editor

You may want to follow The Economist’s Instagram feed here.

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Thought Maybe

A friend introduced me to a nifty site offering niche documentary film material – Thought Maybe. Some of it looks rather conspiration-affine, but overall some decent and off-mainstream films. They even have the full “All Wateched Over By The Machines of Loving Grace” Series, which is a must-watch.

Thought Maybe is an online repository of films covering topics challenging modern society, industrial civilisation, globalisation and dominant culture. This site is an independent and autonomous online library to inform, inspire and provoke action.

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Warum Evidenz wichtig ist

Ein Artikel über Wissenschaft, Evidenz und Forschung nach einer “Diskussionrunde” auf Puls4. Voller Artikel ist hier zu lesen.

Warum Evidenz wichtig ist
Der Grund warum Flugzeuge fliegen, Diabetiker ein normales Leben führen können und wir wissen warum Menschen einen opponierenden Finger Ihr Eigen nennen beruht auf wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnis. Auf Evidenz, keinen Meinungen.

The Inception Horn

Ever since watching Inception I thought the horn sound used in the movie is really good sound design. Looks like I am not the only one.

Here you can listen to the Inception Horn.