Mornin’ Glory Unpacking

I recently ordered the starter kit of Berlin-based startup Mornin’ Glory. They are basically the Harrys of Europe and are offering high quality shaving accessories without the high prizes Gillette (as a monopolist) is charging. Today I received that kit and it’s beautifully packed together. Lots of details the startup seems to care about. Definitely a recommendation to all you shavers out there.

The company is backed by Christophe Maire and currently raised another round to expand internationally.

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The Most Important Image In Science

No, it may not be Hubble’s Deep Field but a visual represenation of the cosmic background wave tracking back those waves to the earliest of the earliest seconds. At least according to Lawrence Krauss.


Everything Makes Sense Now

How quickly Ebola spreads compared to other diseases

The Washington Post has a magnificent, dynamic Infographic in comparison to other diseases. Give it a try.


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For Their Discoveries Of Cells That Constitute A Positioning System In The Brain

Sweden Nobel Medicine-1

It’s usually a very simple sentence that describes something very complex when the Nobel Prizes are being announced. In this case it is particularly beautiful.

The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet has today decided to award

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

with one half to

John O´Keefe

and the other half jointly to

May-Britt Moser and Edvard I. Moser

for their discoveries of cells that constitute a positioning
system in the brain

The Binding Problem

Contrary to popular belief the so-called “Binding Problem” does usually not refer to parents and their children’s problems, but to neurological problem. It’s basically how the brain is able to compute all the various inputs and generate one, single smooth world in front of us.

Firstly, there is the segregation problem: a practical computational problem of how brains segregate elements in complex patterns of sensory input so that they are allocated to discrete “objects”. In other words, when looking at a blue square and a yellow circle, what neural mechanisms ensure that the square is perceived as blue and the circle as yellow, and not vice versa? The segregation problem is sometimes called BP1.

Secondly, there is the combination problem: the problem of how objects, background and abstract or emotional features are combined into a single experience.[1] The combination problem is sometimes called BP2.

Christof Koch has an excellent series of classes from CalTech on the topic called “The Neuronal Basis of Consciousness”.

P.T. Anderson has Inherent Vice

The moment you think your day can’t get better after watching the latest Inception trailer, P.T. Anderson comes along and releases the trailer to Inherent Vice. In Anderson manner, part Magnolia, part American Hustle, Inherent Vice is just the absurd, simple, kafkaesk film you want to watch after the absurd, sci-fi, visual Inception.

What a great cast.

Interstellar Will Officially Be Epic

It has only been few days I was writing about the most recent Interstellar poster. Now the newest IMAX trailer of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie is here and let me tell you: It does not disappoint. And Action: